Survive the Consequences right now with a 40% discount on a Modest package


When does the deal end? What is surviving the consequences? What other games are participating in the Humble Bundle Summer sale?

The Humble Bundle summer sale is currently underway, offering thousands of discounted games. During the summer months, well-known digital stores have become a tradition to lower prices, giving gamers the opportunity to replenish their libraries.

As for the PC, Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store held their promotions throughout June and July. By comparison, the Humble Bundle is running late, but it also means that customers are free to choose their desired games without thinking about whether they will be available for sale in another store.

As part of the Humble Bundle summer sale, there is a discount on one game — Surviving the Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic management simulator. This strategy game, released in late 2021, was developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. Surviving the Aftermath is currently on sale at a 40% discount in the Humble Bundle store.

When does the deal end?

Surviving the Aftermath will be part of the Humble Bundle Summer sale until August 25, 2022. The two-day sale period of the game corresponds to other high-profile discounts included in this event.

What is surviving the consequences?

Humanity has left the Earth in a state of disrepair. As a rare survivor, the player becomes the head of a colony that starts almost from scratch. The first hours of the game are spent collecting resources and building structures that can meet basic needs or provide protection from the many threats emanating from this world. Eventually, the colony begins to grow.

In early access, Surviving the Aftermath is a nice control simulator that uses a familiar setting, which, oddly enough, has not been too researched in this genre. Narratively, there’s not much going on here, but the story does its job of setting up the game cycle. Surviving the Aftermath may not present too many surprises for veterans of such releases, but it is a good choice for newcomers to this genre, since it is not too complicated, but it contains depth.

What other games are participating in the Humble Bundle Summer sale?

By and large, Surviving the Aftermath is just a drop in the ocean of the Humble Bundle summer sale. The event features projects of almost all genres, including recent releases such as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Discounts on strategies and simulators

Sticking with Surviving the Aftermath, here are some other strategies and simulators that are also on sale at a discount:

Genre of the game The amount of the discount The end of the deal Humble Bundle Link Simulator with an open world Satisfaction 40% on September 6, Check it out! Democracy 4 Political Simulator 50% on September 6th Check it out! Snowrunner Sim 40% on September 6th Check it out! Strategy Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 Platinum Edition 81% on September 6, Try it! X4: Foundations Collector’s Edition of Space Sim 50% on September 6, Try it! Strategy Age of Empires Anthology 33% 6 Sep. Super Robot Wars 30 Ultimate Edition Strategic Role-playing Game 40% on September 6th Check it out! Stellaris Grand Strategy 75% on August 26, Check it out! Total War: Warhammer 3 Strategy 10% on August 29.

Other important suggestions

Strategies and simulators are far from the only genres for which discounts are available in the Humble Bundle. Here are some other big names included in the store’s sale:

Game Genre Discount Amount Deal Ending Humble Bundle Link Dying Light 2 Stay Human Open-World 33% September 6th Check! Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands FPS 25% on September 6th Check it out! Cyberpunk 2077 Open-World FPS 50% on August 29, Check it out! Cuphead Run and Gun 30% on September 6th Check it out! Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition FPS 33% on September 6th Check it out! Monster Hunter Rise Action 49% 6 Sep. Check it out! Yakuza: Like a Dragon JRPG 55% 6 Sep. Red Dead Redemption 2 with an open world of 50% on September 6th, check it out! Risk of Rain 2 Third-person Shooter 50% on September 6, Try it!

This selection is only part of the offers of the Humble Bundle summer sale. To get acquainted with all the offers, follow this link.


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