‘Survival Kit’ Created In 2013 And Adapting To All Conditions


In recent weeks, we have witnessed many mask designs that have been developed to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. Nowadays when we look for solutions without stopping by this global health crisis, a ‘survival kit’ developed in 2013 reminds itself of itself.

While scientists around the world are trying to find an effective remedy against COVID-19 disease, we use many ways to take our own precautions. Nowadays, home-made masks developed in response to the coronavirus outbreak are very popular.

So far, we have witnessed making masks even from diving snorkels. Learn Chinese named Chiu Chih, a mask design he made in 2013 has a much longer term and complex structure.

The oxygen mask that Chih made as part of a school project on industrial design while studying at Chuhan University designed it in response to the quality of air that gradually deteriorated with the increase in population and industrialization.

Developed to adapt to the unpredictable future of the planet, the ‘survival kit’ comes attached to a backpack attached to the back. As you can see right below, photographs taken in an environment where old buildings are demolished and modern buildings rise are the basis for the idea that underlies this interesting mask design.

The project titled ‘Journey on the Planet’ draws attention to the unavoidable insatiability of the earth and draws an impressive, yet frightening, projection of humanity, which is constantly searching for with the depletion of natural energy resources. Emphasizing the gradually deteriorating air and environmental quality, the project definitely deserves to be remembered again during these chaotic days.


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