Survival Game Windbound Announced


Deep Silver and 5 Lives Studios have announced their new survival game Windbound for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and computer. The game will be released on August 28.

One of the most popular game types of recent years has been survival games. Basically, our aim in all of these games is to try to stay away from the threats around us and to manage ourselves with what we can find.

The last announced member of this genre will be Windbound. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and computer and will be on the shelves on August 28. This time it seems that we will sail to the sea.

If you fall on a desert island…
Falling on the deserted island, which is the endless conversation of years, happens to us in this game and there are three things we take with us. We fall on a small island that is not included in the maps. Then we develop ourselves to get used to the island, to explore the island and to sail.

The distributor of the game, Deep Silver, says that we can discover “everywhere we can see” in the game. It is also in the promotion of the game that we will discover the mysteries of the region called Forgotten Islands and encounter unexpected surprises.

The game is not limited to land and spreads to the sea. Even the important part of the game takes place in our sailing raft and we are constantly improving this Tuesday. Thus, it is possible for us to travel between the islands.

Island adventure
The game seems to be single player for now. Of course, we also know that this is likely to change, as we have already seen multiplayer versions of games like Don’t Starve.

5 Lives Games, which previously managed to make it to the finals in Unity awards with Satellite Reign, is known for its success in building creative and detailed worlds. The new game is expected to have a lot to be done in a full universe.

If you are interested in trying to collect resources from wild islands, hunting wild animals and making adventurous journeys between the islands, this game is for you. You can watch the promotional video of the game from the link below.


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