Survey Shows The Most Used Emojis in 2021


On Emoji Day, in July, Twitter released the emojis and other symbols most used by Brazilians on the social network. This time, the Unicode Consortium revealed a study that presents a list of the most used “faces” during the year 2021.

The survey revealed that the most used option around the world was the tears of joy emoji and, in second place, was the red heart figure — since the last study, announced in 2019, 9 out of the 10 most used have continued on the list this year.

The 10 most used emojis around the world

“Tears of Happiness accounts for more than 5% of all emoji use (the only other character that comes close is Red Heart and there’s a steep cliff beyond that),” was published in an official statement from the Unicode Consortium.

The organization also sorted the top-chosen emojis by category and found that 100 of the most-used “faces” account for 82 percent of the total shared during 2021 — a low number compared to the total currently available, as there are 3,663 types, according to the consortium.

Interestingly, the happy tears stamp was also the most used in Twitter messages in 2020, but dropped to second place in this year’s round. Others that were not so popular began to appear more, such as the microbe, which rose from the 1086th position in 2019 to 477th this year — probably due to the pandemic.

Check out the list of the 10 most used emojis in 2021:

Face with tears of joy;
Red heart;
Face rolling with laughter;
Hand to enjoy;
Face crying;
Joined hands/prayer;
Face kiss of hearts;
Smiling face with hearts;
Smiling face “with smiling eyes”;
Smiley face

“This shows how many people use emojis. If emoji were a pure Generation Z thing, you wouldn’t see it ranked so highly. Because of the large number of people who use emoji, even if one group thinks something is bad, they have to be too large a group to affect these statistics,” said one of Google’s emoji researchers, Alexander Robertson.