Survey in Nevada shows Biden superiority over Trump


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a six-point lead over President Donald Trump in Nevada, a key state for the presidential elections on November 3, according to the New York Times / Siena College poll published on Tuesday.

According to the poll results, Biden leads Trump by 49% to 43%, while 4% of voters remain undecided or refuse to indicate their preference a week before Election Day.

The poll was conducted after the last presidential debate on October 22, a much more orderly political confrontation than the first in which both were interrupted several times.

The most recent poll released by the Times shows results relatively comparable to September, with Biden leading with 48% versus 42%.

Nevada has traditionally been a Republican state, but it has had an increasingly Democratic lean in recent elections.

Biden continues to hold an advantage in five of the top six undecided states (Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin), according to statistics compiled by the Real Clear Politics website.

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Biden is behind Trump in Florida by only a meager 0.4%, a crucial pendulum state in which 29 Electoral College votes are at stake. Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have a total of 72 electoral votes. Nevada, meanwhile, has only six.

A candidate needs 270 Electoral College votes to win the Presidency of the United States.

* Camilo Hernández contributed to the writing of this note.


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