The surprising story of the 15-year-old crime brain who stole $ 24 million in cryptocurrencies


An 18-year-old high school senior student sitting in one of New York’s slums is accused of being the brain of the cybercrime plan, resulting in the defraud of a crypto investor earning millions of dollars from cryptocurrencies.

Michael Terpin, one of the leading investors in the cryptocurrency world, accuses Ellis Pinsky and his collaborators of stealing $ 23.8 million in crypto in the incident that occurred in January 2018.

According to the news in the New York Post, Pinsky was 15 years old when he was claimed to have committed this crime and was in grade 10. Terpin claims $ 71.4 million in compensation.

“I can buy you and your family”

His neighbors and classmates describe Pinsky as follows: “He was an ordinary 10th grade student who ran, plays football, loves cool sneakers and gets good grades.”

It is noted that young hackers love games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty and use three monitors to play these games in the bedroom at the $ 1.3 million house they shared with their family.

In the case file, Pinsky knows someone, “I can buy you and your family. I have 100 million dollars. ” It is claimed that he said. It also entered the file when a crime partner saw Pinsky $ 70 million in December 2017. The case against Pinsky claims that the “genius of evil” had access to the digital safe, where $ 23.8 million was stored by hacking Terpin’s BlackBerry phone. Terpin later stated that Pinsky managed to launder cryptocurrencies within 48 hours.

“Pinsky started hacking computers to access accounts where victims kept their crypto assets and private information from a young age,” the file said. It said.

Expensive clothes, luxury cars and jet

He allegedly thought that his best friend, Pinsky, earned this money by trading Bitcoin and stock. It is stated that the suspect spends some of his money to maintain a luxurious lifestyle while living in the same house with his parents, who believe that he earned Bitcoins from video games.

Pinsky is said to have an account with JetSmarter, a private jet sharing company, wearing Louis Vuitton expensive clothes and using a 170 thousand dollar Audi R8.

On the other hand, it is stated that although the incident took place a few years ago, Terpin intentionally expected to be 18 years old to sue Pinsky with an adult status.


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