Surprising screen displayed while using LG Wing!


For some time now, LG has been offering a second display accessory for flagships, enabling the dual display experience. How much interest users show on the second screen is a separate debate, but the company has already rolled up its sleeves for a more crazy design: Meet the LG Wing.

With the LG Wing screen, it attracts all the attention!

LG Wing’s 6.8-inch main screen, which is expected to be introduced before the end of this year, is accompanied by a second 4-inch screen. However, the fact that the device has a T-format design allows it to attract attention.

When the second screen is turned on, the phone becomes what you see in the video above. It can be argued how user-friendly this design is in daily life, but it is obvious that it is a remarkable concept compared to foldable phones.

Sure, being able to see your navigation and having a separate screen for media controls looks nice in the video, but apps like Google Maps and Waze already make it possible to control music directly. That’s why we need to see more challenging usage conditions to be convinced.

Contrary to popular belief, the LG Wing, which is not a flagship, will be powered by the Snapdragon 765 or 765G processor.

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