This is the most surprising quality of V


Some fans think that the expressions on Taehyung’s face are some of his best qualities.

Since his debut, Taehyung has displayed many of his qualities, both as an artist and also as a person, so personality has led him to win the hearts of a large number of fans. Without a doubt the physique of this idol also plays an important role and some fans have chosen the quality that makes him look so amazing.

One of the most popular activities idols do while promoting their music is the famous fansign, where BTS fans can talk to them for a moment and ask questions or just chat.

A fansite who frequently attends these events said that the duality of V was unique, since the change in the features of this idol showed different facets of a sudden, it seemed surprising thing.

According to her, since V’s features are very attractive and well defined, a change in his expression can show you a totally different atmosphere from the previous one, when V remains expressionless it can make you afraid of how imposing he looks, but as smiles, his appearance becomes extremely cute.

This idol recently composed a special song for his parents and, after seeing their reactions when listening to it, he decided to include it in his next mistake.


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