Surprising Predictions about Bitcoin and Ethereum from Celsius Network


Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky predicts Ethereum will hit an all-time high.

Mashinsky says that unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin will fall, albeit for a short time.

In an interview with a news site, Mashinsky said that Bitcoin (BTC) could drop as much as 20% from its current value.

Will Bitcoin and Ethereum Rise?

Mashinsky says in his interview:

“We have very strong support in the $29,000 to $33,000 range. This is the range we are in right now. We will continue to rise from this range. We may need to retest the critical support level. So we have a pretty good chance. The market usually likes to test the critical support level and we plan to see this increase from now on.”

The head of Celsius Network says that after testing the critical support level, Bitcoin could follow the historical data and increase about four times from current levels.

Clear Figures for Bitcoin and Ethereum from Mashinsky!

The head of Celsius Network explains his predictions:

“If Bitcoin does what it did last time, it should go up at least 300% from where it is now. Which brings us a result of over $100,000. My prediction for this year is pretty much the same as what I said last year. Before the end of this year, Bitcoin will be between $140,000 and $160,000.”

For Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Mashinsky thinks the adoption rate is increasing as the ecosystem expands. He says Ethereum could hit an all-time high towards the end of this year or early 2023.

Mashinsky finally adds:

“I expect Ethereum prices to rise to the $6,000 to $7,000 level. I think the highest was $4,800. But I think we’ll break that either this year or next year.”

Projects for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are increasing day by day. Experts think that with this increase, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be fully accepted in the world.