A surprising change in YouTube quality settings!


YouTube is one of the platforms we use the most these days when we stay at home because of the Corona virus pandemic. A surprising change came from YouTube during this period when many content producers also produced a lot of content. YouTube HD options have changed!

YouTube 720p option is not counted in HD!
Although 720p normally means half of the HD resolution concept, HD was considered quality. YouTube, one of the platforms we use quite a lot because of Corona virus, also contained this concept in HD quality settings.

Few different Twitter users, known for their accurate leaks in the past few days, have reported that YouTube will change the HD options. Today, YouTube edited the new HD options. YouTube will no longer perceive 720p quality option in HD.

Although many people find this decision correct and appropriate, this seems to force amateur content producers. With this decision, we have come to a time when the 1080p option will not satisfy even the video quality. YouTube 720p option HD has been removed as of today.

Screen resolutions?
Today, the concept of HD has started to vary. In fact, we do not know the exact meaning of these resolutions and the concept of HD. Although the value of 1280 x 720, which entered our life as High Definition, which is called High Resolution, is still popular, this resolution is no longer included in HD.

While 1920 x 1080 resolution, which we used to call Full HD, started to be described as HD, the resolution that we can call 720p has lost its HD quality. The HD phrase in the YouTube 720p option has also become history from today. You can also see all the resolutions and names from the image above.


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