Surprised? This 2022 “Love Island” Couple Is Still Together


They’re still paired up! Leonie Weiss and Leon Hettwer found each other on Love Island. After initial communication problems, they turned out to be quite a nice couple and even made it to the finals. There, however, they lost to “Tim Loco” Niko and Jenny (24). The latter have now announced their final separation: So, Leonie and Leon are the only Love Island couple of 2022 who are still together!

After the victory, Jenny and Nico actually got a couple of tattoos, and their future seemed bright. On the web, they repeatedly imagined how in love they were. In this regard, the format that took second place was somewhat restrained. Although Leonie and Leon share photos of Turtel on Instagram from time to time, but not to the same extent as Nico and his now ex, but behind the scenes, everything seems to be going harmoniously with the Gronau native and Luneburger.

And what happened to the other islanders? It didn’t last long between Mark and Cindy either – they broke up shortly after filming. Sandrine and Bock didn’t become a couple at first, but the law student seems to have found the right person in Bucci. Although they were already linked on love island, in real life it probably really broke out.


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