Surprise! Valverde wants it but Bartomeu is not interested in the offer


Barcelona is in trouble in its area of ​​attack, that is a truth that is already a fact, you just have to see each one of the matches you play to know. And pulling the agenda has found old promises that left marches and maybe it’s time for them to return.

One of them is Malcolm. Who joined Barcelona from Bordeaux in 2018, for an amount of 41 million euros. He played 24 games with the Catalans, scoring 4 goals in the process, including goals against Inter and Real Madrid. A year later, the St. Petersburg Zenit was spent 40 million euros in the end. But the Brazilian has only managed to play two games with the Russian national team this season, since he has been injured since the beginning of the campaign.

The 22-year-old left Barça in the summer, but now he has revealed the possibility of a reunion in the future. In fact he said it in an open interview, he said he receives messages about his return to Barcelona, ​​at last He was only one season with the Catalan giant, although he does not regret his decision at all, since with the opportunity they gave him he was able to play in a great team that was all he wanted, he also had words for his previous Coach Valverde, assuring that he thanked him for all the minutes he gave him in the field, assumes that he has done things well and that is why both the board and the fans of Barcelona love him. And seen like that it wouldn’t be weird if he ended up coming back

Although it is very difficult for the young man to join the Blaugrana in 2020, especially if it is taken into account that it was Valverde who released the Brazilian end in the first place, and that his contract with Zenit will be extended until 2024. Does the return of Malcom would solve the attack problems of Barça? Who knows, meanwhile someone who is very aware of all the movements he makes is Neymar, who hopes to return to their ranks as soon as possible, but the offers his club is making are not acceptable not for Bartomeu, although Valverde insists on recover him.


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