Surprise electric car claim for Huawei


Fighting against the US ban, Huawei is trying to diversify its product portfolio in this direction. It is said that this desire is at the heart of the company’s interest in wearables and audio accessories. However, a new rumor shows that Huawei will be very brave in expanding to different areas. Allegedly, Huawei wants to produce electric cars.

It is said that Huawei wants to produce electric cars using its own brand and wants to launch some models before the end of 2021. The 2021 goal shows that Huawei started working on electric cars long ago. It is stated that the company, which completed its internal preparations, knocked on the door of parts suppliers.

It is said that Richard Yu, who runs Huawei’s consumer electronics business unit, is also at the helm of the electric car project. It is stated that the electric car of the Chinese manufacturer is targeting average users. This strengthens the possibility that the car will be “affordable”.

It is said that Huawei is in talks with Changan Automobile, one of China’s state subsidiaries, to produce its electric car. BluePark New Energy Technology, owned by BAIC Group, is also among the companies with which Huawei is in contact.

Huawei, on the other hand, made a statement and denied that it would enter the electric car market. The statement underlined that the company is not an automobile manufacturer. The Chinese manufacturer did not neglect to state that it wanted to be a part of the automotive market transformed with information and communication technologies.

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