Surprise collaboration with Kia Motors for Apple Car


It is claimed that the technology giant Apple from Cupertino will sign a $ 3.6 billion deal with the automaker Kia Motors for the partnership of “Apple Car”. According to the local newspaper DongA, the technology manufacturer will announce its major deal with Kia Motors on February 17, due to the company’s increased efforts to produce electric cars.

Apple will produce 100,000 cars a year from 2024

According to rumors, Apple plans to produce about 100,000 cars a year from 2024. According to the report released by Bloomberg, it is not yet clear what purpose Apple and Kia partnership will use in the production of Apple Car.

Whether the Kia partnership will be a designer-supplier relationship, such as the relationship between Apple and Foxconn in the iPhone supply chain, will be revealed in the future.

In addition, it should be noted that the news that Apple will produce a car dates back to 2015, when the Apple electric vehicle project “Project Titan” first appeared.

While initially there were thousands of engineers and designers working on all kinds of components required for a car, over time Apple has reduced its targets by 2017 to focus solely on the autonomous driving software stack.

However, many recent reports showed that Apple is once again tied to the “car” part of Apple Car. So much so that the company hired many executives at Tesla and Porsche’s vice president of body development. At the same time, in December, Reuters launched the latest wave of Apple Car rumors by announcing that Apple Car will start production with “breakthrough battery technology” in 2024.

How do you evaluate these allegations made about Apple, which is expected to sign an agreement with Hyundai in March, according to previous rumors?


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