A surfer got rid of shark attack by punching and swearing


A surfer, who was attacked by sharks off New Zealand, told Radio New Zealand about the horrifying moments he experienced. The surfer, who says that he survived the attack by punching the shark, does not have a serious injury other than a few minor abrasions.

Nick Minogue, a surfer living in Auckland, New Zealand, was attacked by the great white shark while surfing 300 meters off Pauanui Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula on Saturday morning. Minogue, who survived the attack by chance, told Radio New Zealand (RNZ) about the horrible moments he experienced.

The surfer, who is said to have noticed the event when the shark hits himself, says that the great white has hit the forearm and elbow many times. The man, who was then squeezed by the shark in front of the surfboard, heard the moments, “I heard that sharks don’t like punches thrown into their eyes, nose or head. So I went to punch his eye. This was the most vulnerable and softest target I could reach. ”

Nick Minogue managed to get rid of the attack with minor scratches:
Stating that the shark started to punch after finding the most vulnerable place, Minogue said that after the first punch that was missed, he hit the second fist and said “S ….. go!” He adds that he shouted in the form.

Riley Elliot, a shark expert, says that the attacking species is consistent with the great white when looking at the bite marks on Nick Minogue’s surfboard. Attacked by the great white, the surfer managed to get rid of by chance with a few cuts in his arm and a few tooth holes in his diving suit. It is possible to say that Minogue, who survived the accident so lightly, was very lucky.

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According to the announced data, there are an average of 19 shark attacks in the USA every year and there is only one death in two years. If we look at it from another dimension, 37 people die every year because of the lightning strikes in the coastal regions of the USA. However, for every human being killed by sharks, humanity is killing more than 2 million sharks.


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