Surface Pro X introduced! Here are the features and price


Microsoft announced the Surface Pro X device, which we were eagerly waiting for, at the event it held, and the features and price were announced.


Microsoft introduced many new products at the launch this evening. At the launch, we saw the new generation products and accessories of the Surface family. Surface Pro X, the top segment portable computer of the family, was one of the products that attracted our attention the most at this event. Here are the Surface Pro X features and price…

What does the Surface Pro X offer?

The device, which belongs to the upper segment, is both a tablet and a laptop. When you separate the keyboard from the screen, you can handle your work more easily thanks to the touch screen. The fact that LTE support can be selected as an option adds strength to the tablet function of this device.

Surface Pro X

With the new generation pen of the Surface Pro X, which has a 13-inch screen, you can make precise drawings and write easily. Microsoft has especially added vibration sensors to this pen to increase writability. These sensors work with very low power, giving you the feeling as if you are writing on a piece of paper. The fact that the device works with Windows 11 is also a factor that increases our confidence in the touch experience. Because Windows 11 is also designed for touch use.

The device has an extremely thin mechanical keyboard, according to Microsoft’s statement, with this keyboard you can either type code or write e-mail. It is said to be suitable for all purposes. In addition, you can fix the pen that we mentioned on this detachable keyboard. This is a nice detail that takes portability one click away.

The most striking feature of this device is that it is ARM-based. ARM support for the Windows operating system has been available for some time. The company has taken this support beyond and included Microsoft SQ 1 and SQ2 processors in the Surface Pro X. The storage and RAM options of the device start from 128GB storage and 8GB RAM. You can change this option according to your need.

Surface Pro X features

  • Display: 13-inch PixelSense, 2880×1920 resolution equivalent to 267 ppi
  • RAM: 8GB and 16GB RAM options
  • Processor: Microsoft SQ1 and Microsoft SQ2
  • Security features: Secure login with built-in TPM chip and Windows Hello
  • Operating system: Windows 10 on ARM for LTE version (upgradeable to 11),
  • Windows 11 for base model
  • Weight: 774 grams
  • Storage: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB SSD options

Surface X Pro price

The starting price of the device was determined as $ 899.

What do you think about the device?


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