Surface Duo disassembled; it is not that difficult to combine


Surface Duo, Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphone, went on sale abroad during the week. This interesting hardware was quickly taken apart by iFixit. No one would have thought that such a thin and two-screen device could be disassembled and reassembled more easily than single-screen smartphones.

iFixit says the Surface Duo surprised in terms of repairability. The screens and rear windows can be changed without too much strain. Other than that, the change requires a somewhat challenging and risky process.

As part of the dismantling process, iFixit captured an impressive X-ray photograph of the Surface Duo. The parts on the left are very similar to those of an iPad or a modern tablet. However, iFixit says the right side is unlike any device we’ve seen before. A circuit board and a small window in the middle for the second battery complete the other wing. This looks like a design created as a result of the know-how received from the Surface team.

But getting inside seems like a bit of a tedious and laborious job. Like many other phone manufacturers, Microsoft used tons of adhesives to assemble the Surface Duo. iFixit warns that there are some fragile cables and connectors that can break if not followed correctly.

Almost all parts of the device have to be removed to replace the dual battery system. While initial reviews show that there is no problem with the battery life of the Surface Duo, it is stated that it is not sure whether the $ 1400 device will exhibit the same battery performance after a year of heavy use. This is why Microsoft is offering an extended warranty option for the Duo, dubbed “Microsoft Complete”.

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iFixit’s dismantling process shows that the two OLED screens are produced by LG Display. At the same time, thanks to the dismantling process, a closer look is taken at the hinge mechanism, one of the most impressive aspects of Microsoft’s latest hardware.


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