Surface Duo 3: Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Phone Will Only Come Out In 2023


Surface Duo 3: The manufacturer Microsoft will wait a while to launch a Surface Duo 3, the third generation of the manufacturer’s two-screen phone with Android operating system.

According to the Windows Central website, the company is even willing to continue the line, but it postponed the arrival of the next device to some point in 2023 – which means that it will not receive a new member of the family this year, breaking the cycle that was previously maintained. There is still no date set for when the announcement should take place.

Time to reflect

Instead, the company will work to improve the user experience on the two devices already released, the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, as well as adding new features still kept under wraps.

In the criticism of the model presented in 2021, complaints were frequent about the lack of adaptation in the software, even more so when compared to other large-screen or folding models, such as rival Samsung’s devices.

The brand will probably still have more time to make changes to the design of the device: the relief on the module that houses the rear cameras was also criticized by the specialized press.