Supports verified logos in Gmail email standard


To better identify companies on the platform, Google is adding support for verified logos in Gmail. In the week Cloud Next ’20: OnAir, the company’s virtual event, the “Brand Indicators for Message Identification”, or BIMI, will confirm the authenticity of companies with a new standard of icons.

The novelty comes to provide greater security for communication with brands. In situations where companies need to communicate with customers, partners and the media, the recipient needs to ensure that the message comes from official means to make sure that it is a secure dialogue to share sensitive information; BIMI will be another way of ensuring the authenticity of these companies.

This is an official company logo that will replace the profile photo, next to the sender’s address, just below the title of the email. After adding the tool, DMARC, a new security standard integrated with BIMI, will prevent malicious people from taking logos from other companies to prevent scams, in addition to verifying attempts to tamper with the source email.

Through the DMARC standard, BIMI will allow companies to “validate ownership of their corporate logos and share them securely with Google”. The system will control the use of logos on e-mail addresses, making the platform more secure for communication between companies and their partners.

“We will begin the pilot implementation of BIMI in the coming weeks with a limited number of senders and with two Certification Authorities to validate the ownership of the logos: Entrust Datacard and DigiCert.”, He said in a statement. Then, the brand encourages more brands to adopt the tool as soon as it is launched.

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Finally, not only will Gmail receive reinforcement of authenticity, but Google partners such as LinkedIn, Verizon Media (Yahoo and AOL), Fastmail, Twilio SendGrid, Validity and Vailmail will also be compatible with BIMI.

Remember that the novelty may be an introduction to the rework of Google and its G Suite ecosystem. Not only is Gmail getting a makeover, Docs, Rooms and Chat are also being integrated into the platform to optimize the use of these products.


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