Supports ıce cream and SELPINK How to stream correctly?


BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez are releasing the video for Ice Cream, and you can support this comeback! After several days full of emotion and girl power, the girls of BLACKPINK will return with a new song, it is Ice Cream, the collaboration that the K-Pop group from YG Entertainment made with Selena Gomez.

Fans of these girls have waited long enough for this new song and the accompanying music video for Ice Cream, so we know you want to show your full support for the new release.

That is why we have prepared some tips that will help you when playing the music video. Keep reading and find out what you should do and also what you should avoid so that your views of the video count.

First, we recommend not accessing the video through links on other social networks, instead, you can go directly to YouTube and go to the search bar to type directly ‘BLACKPINK Ice Cream’, ‘Ice Cream BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez , etc.

Remember that the reproductions will only count if you watch the entire video, therefore, you should not pause, advance or delay the video. You also shouldn’t speed up or slow down the video.

It has been said that only Premium accounts can use a playlist and still count views, but we recommend not doing so to ensure better results.

In addition, you must see the video with a quality greater than 480, also remember that your playback will only count if the video volume is activated, so it will not work if you have it in mute.

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Don’t watch the video one time after another. After watching it once head over to watch between two or four different videos and then search for Ice Cream again, we also recommend turning off autoplay.

If you are going to leave comments on the video, avoid writing words such as ‘views’ and ‘stream’, in addition, we suggest not clearing the cache or your playback history, since some believe that doing this will subtract the reproductions made with anteriority.

Finally, we suggest you not to watch or share videos with the lyrics translated into other languages ​​or reaction videos for at least the first day after the premiere, so the views will be concentrated on the main video.

We recently told you a little about the costumes that Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie used in the Ice Cream teasers, these outfits hide a positive message.


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