Support to Epic Games from Facebook after Spotify


There is a growing reaction against Apple. The Apple 30 percent commission debate seems to be getting longer. Support for Fortnite signed by Epic Games, which was removed from the App Store on the grounds that it did not comply with Apple’s policies.

Fortnite was removed from the App Store and then the Play Store on the grounds that it did not comply with the policies. As such, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against both Google and Apple. Now, another important support came to Epic Games after Spotify: Facebook.

Apple 30 percent commission debate is growing: Post Spotify is also on Facebook

Facebook is also among the companies that are stuck with Apple’s 30 percent commission. Popular applications under the umbrella of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, also cause problems within the scope of Apple’s App Store policies. The social network announced a new update that targets small businesses and allows companies to charge for online activities.

This update was first available in April. This update allows business owners to schedule events online, allowing small and large businesses to charge their followers. Facebook says that iOS users will not be able to benefit from this feature as much as expected due to Apple’s 30 percent commission, which is burdening business owners.

Although Facebook says that it is not planning to cut any revenues from small businesses for their activities next year, at least, Apple is stated to continue to receive a 30 percent commission through Facebook’s iOS application.

In a blog post, Facebook calls out to Apple and wants the 30 percent commission rate to be reduced at least during the corona virus period. In this way, he says, it can be more useful in meeting the costs of businesses in the fight against the virus. It is reported that in response to Facebook, which wants to offer the Facebook Pay system on the App Store, a rejection response was received from Apple. In addition, it is written that the requests are rejected and only 70 percent of the income they earn will be paid to the businesses.

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It is stated that Facebook Pay will be used in Facebook’s Android application so that business owners can receive the entire amount they earn. Facebook Vice President Fidji Simo’s statement on Friday is to give up Apple’s heavy commission policy and at least support small businesses.

After Facebook, which joined Spotify and Tinder, which supported Apple’s policy after Epic Games, this list is expected to lengthen, especially with the participation of companies affected by this commission. Let’s see after these steps, will Apple make a move for 30 percent commission? We’ll see.


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