Support SEVENTEEN on their comeback


If you are CARAT and want to prepare for SEVENTEEN’s comeback with the album ‘Semicolon’, just follow these steps that will help you stream ‘HOME RUN’ correctly to show your love and support to the guys at PLEDIS Entertainment.

SEVENTEEN fans are more than excited for the boy group’s comeback, the musicians will present their record material ‘Semicolon’, from which the promotional song ‘HOME RUN’ is derived.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Mingyu, The8, S.Coups, Vernon, Dino, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, DK, and Woozi have revealed teasers, concept images, and details about the album’s creative process, which contains themes that reflect the style of the players of ‘Still Lonely’.

Are you excited for the musical return of SVT? In a few hours the MV of ‘HOME RUN’ will be trained and we know that it will be a success in the world of K-pop, so this time we will give you some tips to do stream correctly.


A comeback represents hours of rehearsal, creativity, and a lot of effort, so there’s no greater recognition for K-pop idols than feeling supported by their fans around the world.

We recommend you access the official MV of ‘HOME RUN’ from the YouTube search engine, that is, do not enter through links on other social networks, once you are watching the clip, enjoy the production until the end, visits count if you finish watching the content.

Another fact is that you do not speed up or slow down the SEVENTEEN MV, since you will not be streaming properly, what you can do is change the quality of the MV to greater than 480.

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Turn up the volume on your phone, laptop or computer to enjoy SEVENTEEN’s ‘HOME RUN’, if you have a mute, the visit will not count. Remove the automatic playback and if you want to see the clip again, it is better that before you do it you go to watch other clips before continuing to support the idols.

In the comments avoid writing words like ‘views’ and it is better to post messages referring to the SEVENTEEN MV. Do not share videos with the translation or clips that are not official, do not clear the cache or your playback history on YouTube.


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