Support for Google Chrome apps has been extended


Google allows the use of Chrome apps for a while. In the statement published by the company on Monday, it was noted that the schedule planned for the end of support for software was extended.

If you are not familiar with Chrome applications, let us state that these applications are applications that look like desktop applications, but are loaded and run from the Chrome internet browser. An example of this is the save to read application named Pocket.

However, adaptation to Chrome apps has not grown much. In a statement made in 2016, Google noted that only around 1 percent of Windows, Mac and Linux users actively use packaged Chrome applications. Already at that time he gave signs that he was going to decrease his support for this platform.

Last January, Google said that Chrome applications will be stopped from running on Windows, Mac and Linux this year, and set June 2020 as the deadline. However, the plans did not work as expected. Google said that Chrome applications will continue to work on these platforms until June 2021. Organizations will be able to extend their support for Chrome applications on these platforms for another year. This shows that support for Chrome applications will continue until June 2022.

If you are a Chrome OS user, Google will end support for Chrome applications in June 2022 instead of June next year. However, no matter which platform you are on, Google noted that by June 2022, support for Chrome applications on all platforms will be completely finished.

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However, Chrome extensions will continue to work. In fact, preparing an extension is one of the alternatives Google offers for developers who need to switch from Chrome applications, but who want to maintain the same functionality within the Chrome internet browser.


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