Support For Crypto Exchange Hacked With Millions Of Dollars!


BitMart encountered a major cyber attack yesterday. Messages of support poured into the crypto exchange after the $196 million loss.

Earlier yesterday, the popular cryptocurrency exchange BitMart encountered a massive cyberattack. The hackers disappeared, causing the company to lose $196 million. While the effect of the event is still the number one agenda item of the market; Support messages came from some important platforms to the stock market. Investors continue to watch all this with amazement. However, the company is somewhat relieved as a result of the help received.

Support message from the Shiba Inu community to BitMart

Shiba Inu, one of the popular altcoins, made a post this morning on its official Twitter account. SHIB shared a tweet showing that it is lending a helping hand to the struggling trading platform. Addressing their community, the SHIB team issued the following call:

Of course, the only support for BitMart was not from the Shiba Inu. Huobi, another cryptocurrency exchange, also posted a message on its Twitter account. The company said:

What did BitMart experience yesterday?

Security research company PeckShield was the first to notice the BitMart attack and share it with the public. The company announced that the exchange has lost $100 million from various cryptocurrencies on the major Ethereum chain and $96 million from units on the Binance Smart Chain.

Too many altcoins were affected by this attack. It has been learned that cryptocurrencies such as FLOKI, SHIB, ELON, HOT, MATIC are among them. PeckShield also tabulated and published how much was taken from which cryptocurrency.

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