Supply Station Designs to be Established on Mars


A company called Air Company based in New York has published concept designs for a supply station that can be built on Mars. The company announced that it plans to produce rocket fuel from carbon dioxide as well as concept designs.

Space technology has entered a new era in recent years. With the development of technology and possibilities, we talked about not only manned missions to the Moon, but also manned missions to Mars, and even life on Mars. While this future is not that far from us, concept designs about how life could be on Mars have already begun to come.

Air Company, a technology company based in New York, announced in an announcement today that they are planning to produce rocket fuel from carbon dioxide. The company said in a statement to Inverse that they currently have a working prototype that uses carbon dioxide, water and solar energy to produce liquid oxygen and methane.

What would a supply station look like on Mars?

Air Company shared concept designs on how a supply station on Mars could look like. Those stations where the fuel, which is the most important part of traveling from Earth to Mars, will be obtained, had a design just like they were out of science fiction movies.

Air Company said in a statement that their goal is to assist NASA, SpaceX and many more companies with human colonization in the Solar System. Air Company’s work was also noticed and rewarded by NASA in May 2019.

Air Company was chosen as one of the five winners in NASA’s ‘Carbon Dioxide Conversion’ competition. The competition focused on converting carbon dioxide into glucose. Glucose obtained from carbon dioxide could be used in making food and medicine on Mars. Air Company won the $ 50,000 prize in the competition.

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One of the companies that continues to work rapidly on traveling to Mars today was SpaceX. SpaceX continues to slowly complete the first tests of its prototype named Starship SN-8. When the vehicle is completed, it will be at an altitude of 50 meters and will enable people to go to Mars.


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