Supervisory Board to analyze Trump’s pickup on Facebook


Facebook announced on Thursday (21) that its newly created Supervisory Board will be responsible for deciding whether to keep Donald Trump’s accounts suspended on the company’s platforms. Meanwhile, the profiles of the former president of the United States remain blocked.

Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended on the 7th, shortly after supporters of the Republican invaded the U.S. Capitol in response to incitements by him on social media. Twitter took an even more drastic step, banning the politician from the service.

At the time, Mark Zuckerberg said the risks of allowing the use of profiles by the then American leader were “too big”. Initially, the accounts were blocked for 24 hours due to violations of the terms of use, but later the restrictions were extended to two weeks, coinciding with the date of inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

In a statement, Facebook vice president Nick Clegg said the decision made on that occasion was “necessary and certain”. He also stressed that given the importance of the case, the company gave the Council the mission to define whether or not to maintain the restrictions, in an independent judgment.

Decision within 90 days

Formed in 2020, Facebook’s Supervisory Board was established with the aim of providing an appeals process for content moderation decisions made by the platform.

It has 40 people representing all continents, including lawyers, human rights activists, journalists and former judges. In the case of Trump, the trial will be made by a panel of five members, who will assess whether his posts really violated the rules and values ​​of the social network. The ex-president will also be able to defend himself, presenting his justifications.

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According to the bylaws, the Board has up to 90 days to make the final decision, which cannot be modified by Zuckerberg or any other company executive.


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