Superstore: Producer puts an end to comedy drama


After 6 years of a lot of laughter, Superstore is coming to an end with one of the most anticipated returns by fans: America Ferrera in the role of Amy Sosa. Towards the end of two parts of the series, executive producer Gabe Miller promises many reflections.

The end of Superstore

Details of why the former protagonist decides to return are being kept a state secret. What we do know about Amy’s return is that her reappearance will coincide with the plan of her ex, Jonah (Ben Feldman), and the other Cloud 9 colleagues in trying to leave the perfect store for a day.

According to Miller, the series had many exciting season endings, such as when a tornado hits the store or when Mateo (Nico Santos) is detained by Immigration. But to close the story for good, the process is totally different.

Miller and his colleague, Jonathan Green, say the last few episodes were designed to ensure a satisfying ending for fans. According to the producer, what viewers expect from the end of a series is that those characters they have learned to love will be fine.

Superstore comes to an end on March 25 through the NBC channel.


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