Superstore: NBC’s comedy drama gets official history


NBC’s Superstore series, which is in its final season, released the date of its final episode. The series finale will air on March 25, a Thursday, at 8 pm in the United States and will run for one hour.

In December, the broadcaster announced that the current season would be the last. The decision followed the departure of the central actress, America Ferreira, who left the series at the beginning of the season.

The series is in season 6 and has a total of 113 episodes. The sitcom, which takes place in a fictional store franchise called Cloud 9, has been one of NBC’s top comedies in recent years, maintaining a stable audience during the six years it has been on the air. The 5th season reached over 37 million viewers.

Learn about the Superstore series, the comedy about retail workers on NBC
Superstore debuted in 2015 on NBC, an open broadcaster in the United States, and is centered on a group of workers at a retail store belonging to a national franchise. Among the issues already addressed by the comedy are health care for workers, immigration, union membership, in addition to several other issues for employees on minimum wages.

Created by Justin Spitzer, responsible for hits like Scrubs and Queer As Folk, the comedy has an extremely charismatic and talented cast composed by Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nico Santos, Nichole Sakura, Kaliko Kauahi and Mark McKinney.

The series is produced by Universal Television and has a team of executive producers formed by Ruben Fleischer, David Bernad, Victor Nelli Jr, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green, as well as Spitzer and Ferreira.

Superstore is shown every Thursday by NBC. The end of the series arrives on March 25!


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