Superstore: NBC suspends spin-off of comedy series


The sadness of Superstore fans seems to be at interminable moments. After having to deal with the end of the series, the most recent information, released by the American website TV Fanatic, shows that NBC would have suspended the planning of a possible spin-off of the famous series.

The possible new program, dubbed Bo & Cheyenne, would be focused on the lives of the Bo (Johnny Pemberton) and Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) couple. However, it seems that production will not even leave the early stages of planning.

There will be no spin-off series

The suspension information was confirmed by Bridget Kyle, responsible for the original series with Vicky Luu and one of the people involved in the first draft sketches of the potential spin-off.

Kyle said in an interview with that NBC had notified production staff that “it was not going to move forward with the production of the new show.” She also said that, from now on, the spin-off that will never happen will be just a dream in the hearts of fans and her computer’s driver.

The suspension of the spin-off left fans very upset, as they were excited about a continuation of the Superstore world. In addition, the possibilities of continuing the series have been cut for a while.

Ben Feldman, who plays Jonah Simms in the series, commented that the series could return, in the distant future, to one or another special episode. However, the actor was firm in saying that there should be no spin-off of the character. According to Feldman, he has done enough for the show.

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In Brazil, the first four seasons of Superstore are available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.


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