Superstore: America Ferrera will finally return


NBC’s sitcom Superstore will have a big comeback for its final episode. The series finale is scheduled for March 25 and will feature the return of America Ferrera, who played the protagonist Amy Sosa, who left the series at the beginning of the 6th season.

Contrary to what has been speculated, Amy will not only appear in a virtual conversation, NBC released an image of the episode showing the former Cloud 9 manager personally in the superstore.

The actress herself shared on her Instagram profile, her confirmation of participation. “Surprise! Amy is back! I am very happy to work with my Superstore family for the grand finale of the series. It was a happy and bittersweet goodbye that we can’t wait to share with our incredible fans, ”wrote America.

America left the cast in the 100th episode of the show, entitled “California (part 2)”, when her character Amy left the position of manager of Cloud 9 to move to the city in the American West with the aim of taking on a bigger role at Zephra.

In the episode, her boyfriend Jonah (Ben Feldman) had devised a hidden plan to propose to Amy. Amy did not accept and Jonah ended up not moving with her to California. Since then, fans have hoped for her return, so that her story could be completed.

By the time she left, America had already made clear her willingness to return to the show to end Amy’s story, however, NBC had yet to confirm that Season 6 would be the last season of Superstore. With that, the return of the actress happens before she predicted.

Superstore debuted in 2015 on NBC and is centered on a group of workers at a retail store belonging to a national franchise. Among the issues already addressed by the comedy are health care for workers, immigration, union membership, in addition to several other issues for employees on minimum wages.

Superstore is shown every Thursday by NBC.


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