Supernova: a moving journey in the new movie trailer


Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci live the biggest challenge their relationship has ever gone through in the new Supernova trailer. In the preview, the couple travels across England during a celebration, but discovers that everything they have ever lived may be at stake, thanks to a terrible illness. Check out.

Supernova accompanies the couple Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci). To celebrate their 20 years together, they travel across England to relive the past of their relationship, while having to deal with Tusker’s diagnosis of dementia and inevitable memory loss. Over time, the journey progresses along with the disease, the couple goes through new challenges in their relationship, and they need to find out what it means to love each other, with an incurable disease between them, but without giving up the good things in life. .

With a screenplay and direction by Macqueen (Provenance), Supernova could become one of the big favorites for Oscar 2021. Firth won his first Oscar for The King’s Speech, while Tucci received a nomination for A Look from Heaven. The feature hits US theaters on January 29. Because of the pandemic, Oscar 2021 was postponed to April, and films that open until the end of February may be nominated.


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