Supernatural: Why Jared Padalecki Was Really In Doubt For The Role Of Sam


With the news that a Supernatural prequel is in the works, fans are wondering if Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are still around, as Jared had no idea what was happening. This definitely surprised fans, as Jared Padalecki has a reputation for being a kind and compassionate person in Hollywood, and his Gilmore Girls co-stars have expressed how much they love him over the years.

Jared Padalecki has a sweet relationship with his wife Genevieve his and has a new TV show called Walker. But since Supernatural has come to an end and was such an important part of Jared’s acting career, fans can’t help but remain interested in it, especially if the actor came close to not being cast in Supernatural. Fans can’t imagine anyone but Jared Padalecki playing Sam in Supernatural. He has done a great job with the role and he and Jensen Ackles have incredible chemistry. While Jared Padalecki said his goodbyes to Supernatural, fans should be aware of this fun fact about his being on the show.

Turns out the fact that Jared was on Gilmore Girls meant that he came close to not being cast for Supernatural. According to some sources, Jared said his manager said creator Eric Kripke said that because of Dean Forester, Jared might not be the right fit. It’s funny to hear this, as while Dean on Gilmore Girls might not have been a college graduate like Rory, and wasn’t as smart with books as Sam in Supernatural, he could keep up with Rory conversationally and they regularly had sweet jokes about a theme.

The large Supernatural fan base has loved seeing Sam and Dean over the years. In the pilot episode, fans learned that Sam and Dean were still grieving the death of their mother, Mary. While Sam was going to Stanford University, Dean said that his father had disappeared, so they teamed up to try to find him.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean worked together on their first supernatural case, when they encountered a “Woman in White” who was a ghost. The episode concluded when Sam realized that his girlfriend Jessica had been murdered in the same terrible way as his mother Mary, which made him realize that he had a new calling in life: working with Dean and trying to find out what was going on.

It’s amazing to hear this story about Jared Padalecki being cast for Supernatural, and fans are happy that he was cast, as he is a great Sam. There is something so special about seeing Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles together, as their brotherly love and chemistry are so perfect.