Supernatural: What we suspected of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in his last appearance


During the 15 seasons of the Supernatural series, viewers managed to see an incredible number of actors who came through the show. However, one of the topics of debate among fans is what happened to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played John Winchester in the first installments of the drama, which left a huge plot hole. However, this was what happened to the star and his character.

The first seasons of Supernatural sees Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) embark on a cross-country search after their father John mysteriously disappears while hunting. The plot of the program revolved around the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, because his children were desperately looking for him.

However, his role as a recurring character was severely limited after the start of Supernatural’s second season, when John was unexpectedly killed by the demon Azazel (played by Fredric Lehne) in one of the saddest scenes in the show’s opening season. The CW television network.

While John Winchester appeared in sporadic episodes after his disappearance in Season 2, sometimes as a ghost or victim of altered timelines, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s appearance on the series decreased significantly from that point on.

Scheduling conflicts made it impossible for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to continue his recurring role on Supernatural, although the actor did appear in special episodes, including the series’ 300th episode, which was 2019’s Season 14 Episode 13, titled “Lebanon.” , where the entire Winchester family gathered for a brief period of peace.

Fortunately, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still on good terms with his former Supernatural co-stars Ackles and Padalecki. In fact, the trio even got matching tattoos at Dean Morgan’s wedding to Hilarie Burton in 2019. Even though the show ended in 2020, viewers are keeping their spirits up over the possibility of the star returning again, as The CW television network is preparing a spin-off called The Winchesters. Which will follow the life and adventures of John and Mary Winchester before the birth of their children.