Supernatural: The Drama’s Connection To The Exorcist Movie That Fans Forgot


Supernatural premiered on The CW in September 2005, as one of the most successful fiction and suspense series of recent decades. For 15 seasons, fans followed brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), the monster and demon hunters whose story culminated in November 2020.

The series was created by Eric Kripke and throughout its screen career it captured the attention of millions of fans around the world, not only for its fascinating stories full of drama, action and intrigue, but also for the acting quality of each one. of its characters, most of them being key factors in the plots narrated during all this time.

There were many characters that went through Supernatural, and although most of them made special appearances or were part of the stories as recurring for 15 installments, there is no doubt that few were forgotten by some viewers. However, there was one that was presented during the second season that aired between 2006 and 2007 and that could be the connection of the series with the movie The Exorcist, from 1973.

Supernatural is a program that mixes fiction and suspense with elements of terror that are always present in each of its episodes. And it is very likely that fans of this genre who saw Supernatural have forgotten that The CW drama featured the actress who played Regan MacNeil in the legendary film production, The Exorcist. Horror star Linda Blair starred opposite Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on the hit series.

Supernatural was linked to the Horror movie through Linda Blair, who played detective Diana Ballard, a member of the Baltimore Police Department, in episode 7 of season 2 of The CW series. She was the agent in charge of carrying out the investigation into the murder of Anthony and Karen Giles, and came to determine that Dean and Sam were responsible.

In Supernatural, as in The Exorcist, the character of Linda Blair was also haunted by a spirit. In the series, after being arrested, the Winchesters discover that the spirit belongs to Claire Becker, a character who had been killed by detective Diana Ballard’s partner, as reported by the Looper site.

But Supernatural’s most direct nod to The Exorcist occurs when the Winchester brothers are freed. After they say their goodbyes to the detective, Dean says he’s craving split pea soup, which was no doubt a reference to the famous movie where this thick food was used to simulate Regan MacNeil’s vomiting in the film production while she was in bed. possessed by a demon.