Supernatural: The 10 Best Dean Winchester Quotes according to Ranker


Fans are fascinated to see what role Dean Winchester will play in the Winchesters and whether he will have the opportunity to utter any outstanding moments or quotes, of which he has so many in Supernatural. For fifteen seasons, Dean has several hilarious, heartbreaking and generally iconic quotes, the best of which were rated by Ranker users.

While many of the quotes are great, there are a few unexpected exceptions and inclusions on Ranker’s list, which is a testament to how many memorable Dean quotes there are in “Supernatural.”

Everything he needs
“I have no idea. But what I have is a GED and an attitude to hell, and I’ll figure it out.”

The odds are always stacked against the Winchesters, and most of the time the boys swear to fall swinging if they have to fall, as shown in this Dean quote that challenges angels and demons.

After asking Bobby how he plans to fight angels, demons and the Devil, Dean responds with this funny and restrained inspirational quote. Dean may not have all the answers and tools to challenge the apocalypse, but he and Team Free Will have enough of them.

It turns out that he was right
about something: “I was saved in the past. I know how my story ends. This is the end of a blade or the barrel of a gun.”

No one hates Dean Winchester more than Dean Winchester, and it’s a heartbreaking part of his character throughout Supernatural. Despite the fact that Dean’s great arch in the first five seasons indicated that he wanted a family life, he gave up this life after Lisa and Ben.

This phrase is uttered to Cole when he hunts Dean, whom he still considers a demon, and is heartbreaking. After experiencing and losing his apple pie life, Dean returned to his fate and eventually died hunting. The sadder thing is that in the end it came true.

The same
“I’m not there if you’re not there.”

One of the worst things Dean does to Sam, in the eyes of many, is that he won’t let him go when Sam felt he was ready, tricking him into accepting angel possession, which backfired. However, in his attempts to convince Sam to keep fighting, Dean hits him with this excellent phrase.

This quote is not only indicative of how much Dean relies on Sam—and vice versa, even if Sam wouldn’t admit it now—which, while toxic, is very sad and reflects well on much of what “Supernatural” is about.

The standard invitation to Cas
is “Now I’m going to bed, I’m praying to Castiel to get his feathered ass down here.”

Not only does Castiel have one of the best general ideas about the characters in Supernatural, but he also has some great exits when Dean prays for him. This is one of the best examples of this.

Part of Sam in this moment, perhaps the funniest, is saying, “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” after insulting Cas, who ignored his prayers. Overall, it’s a great scene, and Dean’s half—mocking prayer is one of several outstanding parts of it, as well as one of the funniest prayers in the series.

You can say, go
on “Keep rubbing. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets. You have to keep rubbing.”

One of the many talents of Dean Winchester — and Jensen Ackles in this role — inspiring speeches about not giving up, not stopping the fight, including this from “Beyond The Mat”.

Admitting to Sam that he’s not okay, Dean vows to save Cas, kill the Devil, kill the Darkness and just win. Sam and Dean have inspiring speeches and phrases that, despite the sad circumstances, make fans kick someone’s ass, and Ranker considers this one of the best examples.

The legendary pilot line
“The driver chooses the music, the shotgun closes his hole”.

Many of the best and most iconic quotes from the show/from Dean are missing from the Ranker’s list, for example: “Saving People, Hunting for Things, Family Business.” But this replica of the pilot, fortunately, got into the top five of Dean.

The pilot episode of Supernatural is such a fantastic introduction to the world and the characters of Sam and Dean, and there are few scenes better than this where Sam insults Dean’s taste in classical music. Even almost twenty years later, fans are still quoting this line and causing a smile when they hear it.

Classic mash-up of Dean the Monster
“Vampire pirates, that’s who you are… vampires.”

There are many great jokes in Supernatural: from Dean’s love of pies to “Bitch” and “Jerk” and up to Dean’s creation of monstrous mashups, such as “Octovamp”, “Manicorns”, “Jefferson Starships” and, in this case, “Vampires.

The term was coined when Dean and Benny went hunting for Benny’s old nest, who were essentially pirates, and the look of pride on Dean’s face when he came up with this name is priceless. Dean may be a tough guy, but he’s a total nerd at times like this.