Supernatural: players talk about the last shooting day


Supernatural is in its 15th and final season. Recently, the main cast, composed of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, gave a video interview to the TV Line website in which they reflected on the last day of filming of the series. In it, they also talked about how many tears were shed that last day.

“There is no crying in Supernatural,” said Ackles jokingly during the interview. According to him, after the director of the final episode shouted the infamous “Cut!”, Everyone went for a few beers. But then he added: “Yes, there was a lot of crying, yes,” he declared.

Even with all this relaxed atmosphere, the final moments on the set were a bit heavy, according to Jensen Ackles. “We knew what was coming, but we also had a lot of time to see it go further,” said the actor. “When it happened, it was almost like, I don’t know … I know there was certainly a break with the character,” he said during the interview.

Jared Padalecki confirmed the words of his co-star. He also said he cried when it was over, also describing his state of mind before the end of the series as a “robotic mode”. Padalecki said this was necessary so that “I could stay focused on the job and not cry all of Sam’s tears or also laugh at all of his laughter,” he said.

The interpreters of Dean and Sam, respectively, still said that they felt a lot of satisfaction, pleasure and happiness to finish this work. “We are just going to wrap it all up in emotion. This is the pill we swallowed that day! ”Said Ackles, with the approval of Padalecki.

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“I would do it all over again if I could,” noted Padalecki of that ending.

So don’t miss it. The last season of Supernatural is airing on The CW. The series finale is scheduled for November 19.


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