Supernatural: Jared Padalecki criticizes his time in the drama and reveals what he lived


Supernatural premiered in 2005 through the American broadcast network The CW. The series starred Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, and was on the air for 15 long and intense seasons, which were really hard for the team and especially for the main cast of the series created by Eric Kripke. .

Jared Padalecki was a guest on the premiere of the Supernatural Then and Now podcast, explaining the main reasons behind the long-running hit series on The CW. The actor explained that one of these had to do with the easy development and interaction between the cast members when working on the program.

The truth is that Padalecki’s statements could seem like praise for him, Jensen Ackles and the entire Supernatural team as a whole, but in some way it could be understood as criticism, since they were practically the ones who were in charge of advertising the drama. of fiction, from the first moment it aired in 2005 until the end of the series in November 2020. This is what Padalecki said on the Podcast:

“There are many talented actors and actresses. But I think one of the reasons why I completely believe that Supernatural lasted so long is because everyone who was involved with minor exceptions was easy to work with.”

Jared Padalecki assured that he and Jensen Ackles were always responsible with everything that the production of Supernatural implied and that they never complained when it came to doing so. In the same interview, the actor explained that they had a huge workload behind the scenes, and that one of them was the promotion of the series.

During the 15 seasons of Supernatural, Padalecki and Ackles had to work from very early in the morning, when they had to offer some early interview on the East Coast of the United States, while they were on set in Vancouver, Canada. This added the star of The CW drama:

“Ackles and I were like, we always talked to each other, we just thought of ourselves as soldiers who didn’t have to risk their lives. It was alright, tell me where to be, tell me where to go, tell me what to do. Not like, ‘Well, 4 a.m. it’s early'”.

Padalecki set an example of how he and Ackles fulfilled their duties early on. When Supernatural premiered in 2005, they would handle publicity for the team, at a time when social media didn’t exist and interviews were usually done live. This explained:

“I remember, I’m sure Ackles did too, in the early days, there was no social media. We shot in Vancouver. They’d switch us over and say, hey, we’re doing a radio press tour next Monday. Jensen did the last one, so you’re doing this one. What that meant was that we would wake up at 2:45am in Vancouver to make sure we were on a 3am phone call. m. to broadcast live at 6 a.m. m. on the east coast. So we’d do an hour from New York, Boston, DC, Jacksonville or whatever. Then at 4 a.m. Vancouver time, it was now 6 a.m. m. in Chicago, Dallas, whatever. So you would do four time zones, four hours of radio interviews.”

Maintaining that routine for 15 seasons of Supernatural was no easy task. And while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles took on their responsibilities without complaint and managed to get the series going for the long haul, the truth is that there came a time when everything would be untenable for them. Making calls early, then shooting during the day, was one of the things that led the Sam Winchester actor to admit that he just couldn’t keep up that pace anymore. This added:

“You’d wake up at 2:45, start from 3, go until six or seven or whatever and then they’d pick you up and go to set and shoot an 18-hour day,” Padalecki said. “It was a lot of work but then again, especially in those days, we were both in our 20s with no wives or kids. We were fine, whatever. We will be a little tired. I’ll have a sip of coffee at 8 p.m. to help me get through the next six hours.”