Supernatural: fans were not happy with end of the series


This Thursday (19), the broadcaster The CW aired the final episode of the Supernatural series. However, many fans were not happy with the outcome presented and manifested themselves on social networks.

Supernatural had a total of more than 300 episodes, divided into 15 seasons full of conflicts. Created by Eric Kripke, the production looks like it will leave longing among the most frequent viewers and has entered the history of world television by captivating audiences for so long with terrifying stories.

The last episode of the series featured the title “Carry On” (Continue, in a free translation). The plot featured vampires, children, rituals and a battle that could set the course for such beloved characters. However, some public expectations have not been met.

The episode was also severely criticized for the lack of emotion in the outcomes of the characters’ subjective arcs. For many, this ending closes the cycle of the Winchester brothers with a certain emptiness and makes it seem that the journey they have taken so far has been somewhat disconnected from what has been presented.

Check out some reactions:

“I think it’s safe to say that #Supernatural overcame #GameOfThrones in the worst end of a series of all time,” wrote an enraged fan on Twitter.

Another argued, ironically, that the HBO series finale looked decent after watching the Supernatural series finale. “I can’t imagine showing something for FIFTEEN years … to end like this,” he published.

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