Supernatural: Creator Sets His Favorite Episodes of The Series


Supernatural: In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke, creator and showrunner of the first five seasons of Supernatural, revealed what would be his favorite episodes from the production.

According to him, “Changing Channels”, Season 5, Episode 8, and “The French Mistake”, Season 6, Episode 15, present incredible plots that manage to translate everything you’d like to say with the series to the public — even if their plots are a little different from the general context of the narrative.

In a way, these are very suitable choices and go according to the viewers’ taste, considering that both are often cited by Supernatural fans as what the team has produced best over the years.

The best Supernatural episodes, according to Eric Kripke

In “Changing Channels” (Changing Channels, in a free translation), the Winchester brothers are trapped in an alternate universe and must play characters from very famous television programs.

“The French Mistake” shows Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) being transported to another alternate world, in which they find new versions of themselves.

Both episodes are full of jokes that refer to various moments in the series, in addition to bringing the main characters in very interesting situations. Obviously, metalanguage is one of the key points of the narrative, showing how these alternative universes could be fun.

Eric Kripke’s journey on The CW series

With the unexpected success of the Winchester brothers’ series, Kripke had planned to create only the first five seasons, ending after the apocalyptic battle between the archangels Michael and Lucifer.

However, The CW didn’t want to finish the plot at that stage and extended its airing for another ten years — the last episode of Supernatural aired in November 2020.

Even with the departure of the creator of the production, the series continued to be aired on the network, with good ratings and increasing its number of fans.

Currently, the producer and screenwriter works with Jensen Ackles on The Boys, on Amazon Prime Video, which is preparing to release its 3rd season.


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