Supernatural: After Jared Padalecki’s accident, Jensen Ackles sent an emotional message


Supernatural is the fictional and suspenseful drama that premiered on The CW broadcast network in 2005 and concluded in late 2020. During its long run, fans have enjoyed the fascinating adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers hunters of monsters and demons, who with their stories kept millions of viewers hooked around the world.

The hit series starred Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The fact of having worked together for more than a decade in Supernatural, made both actors take their working relationship to consolidate a brotherly friendship outside the film set, which has been demonstrated over the years.

It turns out that Jared Padalecki, who currently stars in The CW’s dramatic action series Walker as Cordell Walker, was in a serious car accident this weekend from which he thankfully made it out alive, as confirmed by his friend and Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles, who offered some details in a video on the social network twitter about what happened while justifying the actor’s absence at a fan convention.

“I miss my friend. [Padalecki] sends his love. I talked to him yesterday. He’s sad he can’t be here. He had a very bad car accident,” Ackles added.

“He wasn’t driving. He was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive,” he detailed. That airbag packs a punch. He feels like he’s been in 12 rounds with [Mike] Tyson. But he’s fine, and he’s moving on,” Ackles said of Jared Padalaecki.

“But yeah, [it was a] very, very serious car accident. Just keep him in his thoughts, send him some love if you get the chance on social media and he’ll be back with us soon.”

Let’s remember that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles rose to fame since they began playing their iconic characters in Supernatural more than 15 years ago. After leaving their roles on the long-running series, they each went their separate ways, but the Sam Winchester interpreter remains on The CW with Walker.

Let’s remember that Walker is a reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger that was on the air between 1993 and 2001. Currently, The CW is developing a spin-off series which will be set in the 19th century. Separately, Ackles will play a new role as Soldier Boy on Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys.

Jensen Ackles is also working as an executive producer on the Supernatural prequel called The Winchester, a series that recently filmed its pilot episode and will focus on John and Mary, the parents of Sam and Dean. At this time, it is unknown what kind of involvement Jared Padalecki will have in the spin-off series, while Ackles will serve as the narrator of the story.