Supernatural 15×20: See how the last part went


Spoiler alert!

The ending of Supernatural, for sure, redefined the meaning of “bittersweet”. As understandable as it was, it was impossible for the Winchester brothers to escape death (literally) as many times as they did, there is no denying that saying goodbye to Dean after 15 seasons was not an easy thing. Yes, the character dies!

However, the path that led to the emotional scene with Sam proves that this has always been his destiny. Check out the full recap below!

More details of the 15×20 episode of Supernatural

The title of the last episode of Supernatural was enough to leave us in tears. After all, “Carry On” (Follow on) was an allusion to the song “Carry On My Wayward Son”, by the band Kansas. From the first episode, the song was chosen as the series’ soundtrack, a true hymn by John, father of the Winchester Brothers, in his hunt against the supernatural.

The episode mixes home life with the exciting side of their careers. At the beginning of the end of Supernatural, the boys are still on a mission to save the world, but things look peaceful. They wash their clothes, clean the house and act like normal human beings. Sam even stops for a moment to watch the sunset over a lake.

But of course, all this calm was asking too much in Sam and Dean’s life. After all, ordinary life was never enough for them and soon they had to stop the definitive apocalypse again, but this time, without the help of Jack and Castiel.

The Winchester brothers must fight a hybrid creature that they mockingly call Vampmimes. And, well, after battling werewolves, demons, the Devil and God in person, losing Dean to a Vampmime really was a surprise we didn’t count on.

The scene is a bit confusing from the point of view of art direction. Everything happens very fast and, for a moment, it seems that Dean managed to take care of the creature he was struggling with. However, when the scene stabilizes, the truth is that Vampmime was the one who took care of the oldest of the Winchester.

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Then came the scene that we had been afraid of since the first time Dean died and went to Hell, back there in the third season of Supernatural.

Dean’s speech just before he died is undoubtedly the most emotional moment of all the seasons. He makes it clear to Sam that he is proud of his younger brother and recalls the moment when he decided to look for him to help find his father.

According to Dean, he barely entered the apartment because he was afraid of ruining the life Sam had built for himself. However, he was happy that the two met again, even if to live a dangerous life.

Sam asks Dean not to leave him alone and says he won’t be able to go on without him. So Dean says he will never really leave him and will always be by his side, helping him to fight. “You will never stop fighting, do you hear me? I love you, little brother, ”he says, before asking Sam to say it’s okay for him to leave.

When Sam replies that he can go now, Dean says his last goodbye and closes his eyes.

In two kinds of prologues, we see Dean’s arrival in paradise, where he meets Bobby. Sam, on the other hand, gets married and has a son named Dean. And that’s it for the future (metaphorical and real) of the Winchester.

As much as the fans know that it is not always possible to escape from destiny, the definitive separation of two of our favorite brothers, for sure, had a bittersweet taste and will be missed.

So, what did you think of the end of the 15th season of Supernatural and the series as a whole? Share your favorite moments or frustration below!


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