Supernatural 15×18: Dean and Castiel face Billie


The 18th and antepenultimate episode of Supernatural was extremely impressive for fans, who may have said goodbye to one of the main characters in the series. Can the final two episodes of the Winchester brothers’ journey still reverse what happened in “Despair”, or was the farewell for real?

Check out the recap of Supernatural 15×18.

Jack is about to blow himself up after turning into a bomb to bring down God, but Billie sends him into the Void so that the explosion can be absorbed. Then she brings Jack back to the bunker and Dean appears to attack her with his scythe. He hits and Billie runs away, injured.

People in the apocalypse world begin to disappear, including Charlie’s girlfriend and a hunter that Bobby is working with. Brothers Winchester and Castiel believe this to be Billie’s work.

They try to develop a plan to keep everyone at risk safe, but Sam ends up losing Eileen. Sam and Jack just watch, puzzled as they all disappear, including Charlie, Bobby and even Donna, who was not on Death’s list.

Dean and Castiel go to Billie’s library to try to kill her. She says she was not responsible for the disappearance of her friends. Billie reveals that she is seriously injured and that she will die. “You killed me, Dean, I don’t care about your friends. I don’t care about your family. But I would like to see you dead ”.

Billie follows them as they return to the bunker, threatening Dean. Castiel protects you. Billie tells Dean that he can’t escape it: “Don’t you think it’s finally time for sweet release from death?”

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Even with her slowly dying, Dean realizes that the story is still unresolved and that God is responsible for the death of his friends. “Everyone is going to die. I cannot prevent it ”.


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