Supernatural: 10 spin-off series that could happen


Supernatural is one of The CW’s most famous and most expensive series. The horror / drama series, which aired between 2005 and 2020, tells the story of the brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki).

The two are demon hunters and fight a real battle against evil and dark forces, such as cursed objects, vampires, witches, evil entities and much more.

The series was a huge success, featuring diverse characters and groups during its 15 seasons of existence. Thinking about all these other cores within the story, Minha Série separated 10 spin-offs from Supernatural that could happen (and that we would love to see)!

10. Alternative worlds

In the last seasons of the series, the producers presented fans with the existence of alternative worlds in the plot of the series. This expanded environment could be a great opportunity for the production of a new program, which would explore the idea of ​​what reality would look like in other environments.

A spin-off inspired by this idea would not need the Winchester brothers’ role, but their presence would certainly make the show much more interesting. Some examples are the realities of the episodes “Mundo do Apocalipse” and “O Outro Universo”.

9. The Wayward Sisters

It is undeniable the idea that there is enough plot and material to produce a great spin-off from the stories of the Wayward Sisters. The reality is that The CW itself began producing a series inspired by their story, but gave up shortly thereafter.

Bringing the Wayward side would be an interesting idea even to explore the protection of a world without the Winchester brothers.

8. John Winchester’s diary

Many years before Sam and Dean started to fight the evil entities and try to stop the apocalypse, John Winchester was already in this life trying to avenge the death of his wife, who is the mother of the protagonists of Supernatural.

The Winchester brothers’ father documented the entire adventure in a diary, which could easily become a successful sitcom. The possible spin-off would deepen John’s story and bring the character fighting the demons many years before the children and creating the hunting guide / diary.

7. Samuel Colt

The creator of the famous Colt, a weapon that can kill practically everything within the world of the series, is one of the most important stories in the universe of Supernatural. However, it has not yet been explored very well.

Thus, many fans would love a spin-off that fully tells the life story of the legendary hunter Samuel Colt and the invention of the powerful weapon. Colt is seen as a very important piece in the original series.

6. The Men of Letters

The series introduced the public to the existence of Men of Letters, a group of powerful human beings who know just about everything about the supernatural world. The group knows more about demons and spells than the most veteran hunters out there.

The Men of Letters have a long history that has not been well explored by the creators of Supernatural. A possible spin-off could show the process of accumulating men’s wisdom or even their relationship with different hunters.

5. Bobby and Rufus’ hunts

Bobby and Rufus are a pair of hunters that really caught the attention of fans of the show. The public loves the chemistry of the two and bet that they can have a compilation of very interesting stories.

A possible spin-off could explore the lives of hunting partners at an early age, that is, before the events of Supernatural. A series that showed the history, tension and games of the duo Bobby and Rufus.

4. Harvelle’s Roadhouse

Another possibility would be to explore an environment that brings together the stories of several demon hunters: Harvelle’s Roadhouse. It is within this environment that a spin-off would take place that would bring a group of hunters into action – one of the greatest desires of Supernatural fans.

Ash, Ellen and Jo promoting a union with countless other hunters that appear at Harvelle’s Roadhouse would make a great story. Some of the names that have passed through the famous bar are: John, Sam and Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Gordon Walker, Caleb and many others.

3. Rowena, the Queen of Hell

One of the most striking characters in the series, Rowena McLeod is an extremely famous witch who becomes the Queen of Hell at the end of Supernatural.

The extremely important position, the same as that held by son Crowley, left fans interested in a possible spin-off. The new series would tell Rowena’s trajectory as the Queen of Hell.

2. Crowley, the King of Hell

One of the most striking characters in Supernatural is Crowley himself, whose story was interrupted in the original series. Exploring the character’s long trajectory could yield a great spin-off.

The series would tell Crowley’s life before the meetings with the Winchester brothers, with Rowena’s son as the protagonist and showing his path as a normal person in Scotland until he became the dreaded King of Hell.

1. Heaven, Hell and the Angels

Interestingly, the story about Paradise, Hell and Angels was scarcely presented during the original series. Because of this, a program exploring the narrative potential of these story points would be sensational.

The spin-off could show the story of how it all happened, showing how Chuck created the Angel, how he survived and how Heaven and Hell ended up separating. The story of the angels would make Supernatural fans very excited.


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