“Supernatural”: 10 Filler Episodes that are Still Good


After The CW picked up the Winchesters, they gave Supernatural fans another reason to review the fifteen seasons of the series, and many fans are happy to review most episodes, even if they are not as good as the best, or if they are considered fillers. . Filler can be hard to pin down, especially for a show like Supernatural with its early “monster of the week” structure.

However, there are some episodes besides the first two seasons that are mostly monster episodes of the week that are clearly fillers (which here can be determined by the fact that they do not affect the overall plot of the season and are not tied to it, and also do not add anything). new characters), but they’re great anyway.

Monster movie
Season 4 episode 6

“Monster Movie” is a classic supernatural episode in the style of “Monster of the Week”, which may well be one of the most underrated in the series, perhaps lost in time under the wreckage of classic meta–stories and emotionally exciting forty-five-minute narration.

This is an ode to classic horror films and a unique creative work, completely done in black and white, in which the brothers fight a werewolf posing as classic horror villains of the past, such as Dracula and the Werewolf. The episode did not affect the story of season 4, and its absence would not have changed the direction of the series at all. This is just an incredibly funny part of the Supernatural series.

The Mysterious Story of Dean Winchester
Season 5 Episode 7

Especially compared to seasons 1-3, there is not much filler in the fifth season, since most episodes are somehow related to the main storyline of the Apocalypse. However, “The Mysterious Story of Dean Winchester” is an exception.

This is a fantastic episode with Bobby, but that doesn’t mean it changes his character or has a long-term impact on his role, he shines in his relationship with his brothers, as in many other episodes. On the contrary, this is a funny story about how the Winchesters are trying to defeat a Witch, the ending of which is surprisingly emotional. The dynamic between old man Dean and Bobby is legendary and is one of the funniest supernatural stories.

Yellow fever
Season 4 episode 6

Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic episodes of “Supernatural” is “Yellow Fever”. This is largely due to Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles’ game, which fans will remember for a long time.

The episode follows Sam and Dean on a typical ghost hunt, with the addition of a ghost disease highlight. Dean squeezes him, which leads to one of the most famous supernatural moments, Dean screaming at the cat. This episode could not have existed, and the plot of the show would not have changed at all, but in general it would have become worse, because the world would have been deprived of Dean’s performance of “Tiger’s Eyes”.

RIZHD and a real girl
Season 8 episode 11

Supernatural is largely built on the dynamics of its characters, but not just the typical Sam/Dean and Dean relationship/The Casas are incredible, there are others, like the relationship between Dean and Charlie, that shine through in this episode.

Joining the series is just a fantastic pleasure. There are not many bets, and the overall plot of season 8 is not affected. The only real controversial long—term effect is the development of a wonderful friendship between Charlie and Dean. Fans are happy that this episode exists for Sam and Dean’s role-playing games, at least for something else.

Regarding Dean
Season 12 episode 11

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki constantly prove their acting skills in the TV series “Supernatural”. However, in terms of individual performances, Jensen is absolutely phenomenal in “Relative to Dean,” arguably the best performance in the series and one of the standout individual episodes featuring Dean.

Following Dean when he loses the memory that Sam and Rowena are trying to regain, Dean becomes both hilarious and heartbreakingly vulnerable at certain points in the episode. The dynamic between Dean and Rowena is also great, while Sam and Rowena’s relationship shines as always throughout the series. The episode doesn’t have a long-term impact on the story, but it has a huge impact on fans who will always remember this mirror scene.

Excellent condition
Season 14, episode 4

Later seasons of Supernatural are moving away from the monster of the week style of the early season in favor of more interconnected episodes and mythical arches, but as the show comes to an end, there are still some gems, including this ode to slasher horror.

“In Excellent Condition” takes the concept of animated figurines — far from the strangest creatures hunted by the Winchesters — and puts the characters in a horror movie, giving the audience an extremely cheerful, inconsequential pleasure. This episode will especially appeal to fans of cheesy classic horror slasher movies, even if it understandably lacks the blood of some of your favorite movies.