Supernatural: 10 Controversial Fan Reviews of Sam Winchester


Supernatural: The series Supernatrual (Supernatural) is one of the best known of the horror genre and carried with it, for 15 long seasons, many fans through the trajectory of the brothers Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), who fought and hunted several supernatural beings.

Sam Winchester is the younger brother in the Supernatural series and more inclined towards intellectual pursuits, but ended up giving up his academic career to hunt monsters with his brother. However, despite having these qualities, the youngest of the Winchester brothers does not please everyone.

Check out 10 controversial opinions fans share about Sam Winchester!

10. Sam is very naive and childish

One of the main controversial opinions that some fans of the show share regarding Sam Winchester is the fact that the character is too childish and overbearing. In the first seasons, the youngest ends up making wrong decisions and complicating the entire plot, despite having matured over time.

9. He wasn’t a great hunter

It’s a fact that the Winchester brothers were great at what they did when hunting monsters during the series’ seasons, but some viewers feel that Sam wasn’t the best hunter and ended up needing to be rescued by Dean in most situations, which doesn’t really please fans.

8. The youngest should have looked for Dean in Purgatory

The end of the seventh season of Supernatural is marked by Dean being sucked into Purgatory and, contrary to what many fans wanted, Sam didn’t go looking for his brother and just went on with his life.

The decision was based on the desire that Dean carried with him, to see his brother leading a normal life, but the choice did not please all fans of the series.

7. The script harmed the character

A not so popular opinion, but one that some fans share regarding Sam, is that the character development was not the best and the character, for the most part, ended up being quite ignorant and selfish, despite being considered very intelligent. by Supernatural fans.

6. Dean should hunt with Castiel

The relationship between Sam and Dean is, of course, the result of a strong alliance between the two, but some fans think that Dean sacrifices too much and receives little from his younger brother, so he should leave Sam and go hunting monsters with Castiel (Misha Collins), who would give more value to the older Winchester.

5. Eileen is not the right woman for Sam

The relationship between Eileen (Shoshannah Stern) and Sam was already predicted, taking into account the relationship between the two throughout the series. However, contrary to most fans, some viewers believe that Eileen is not the right partner for Winchester and that she would not have been shown during Supernatural.

4. Sam and Rowena should be partners

Many viewers of the series agree that the brothers should not have relationships, as they are destined for hunting. However, some fans believe that Sam and Rowena (Ruth Connell) share an interesting chemistry and could form a romantic pair.

3. Sam wasn’t the best brother for Dean

Although many fans agree about the love between the Winchester brothers, some viewers feel that the youngest did not give the ideal importance to Dean and ended up neglecting Winchester in relation to the other people around him.

2. Dean and Benny are a better team than Dean and Sam

Still testing the relationship between the Winchester brothers, some viewers of the show have a controversial opinion about the duo and agree that Dean and Benny (Ty Olsson) form a more dynamic and interesting duo compared to the hunting brothers themselves.

1. Sam destroys his brother

Finally, the most controversial opinion shared by some Supernatural fans is that Sam would constantly destroy Dean, since the eldest Winchester felt entirely responsible for the youngest and Sam did not respect the limits and fears that his brother had during the series .

And as for you, what are your controversial opinions about this supernatural series that has conquered fans around the world?


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