Supermoon: Check Out Photos of ThePhenomenon Around The World


Supermoon:  On the night of last Tuesday (25), the second ‘Super Moon’ of the year was visible around the world. The phenomenon happens when the Moon is at the closest orbit point to Earth, in the so-called perigee. With that, it looks up to 8% larger than normal when viewed from the planet.

The phenomenon could be seen from 6:20 pm across Brazil, in regions where the sky was clear. The event, as always happens, yielded good photos for lovers of the satellite. check out

lunar eclipse

But this was not the only event of the week. On the morning of this Wednesday (26), the initial phase of a total eclipse of the Moon, also known as the ‘supermoon of blood’, began. The phenomenon happens because the moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow, preventing the sun’s rays from reaching it directly. Receiving only a few strips of light – which pass through the atmosphere of our planet – the satellite gains the most reddish color. Hence, the nickname “blood”.

The phenomenon started at 6:47 am and reached the maximum total phase at 8:11 am. Countries like Australia and the United States had good visibility for the eclipse. In Brazil, few regions were able to see the phenomenon.


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