Supermarket’s Nico Santos and “Survivor” Alum Zeke Smith got engaged at the GLAAD Media Awards 2022


Revisiting their love story! Zeke Smith surprised boyfriend Nico Santos at the GLAAD Media Awards, where they first met four years ago, by making a romantic proposal.

“Niko, your love has taught me to love. You’re my soulmate, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” the 34—year-old Survivor graduate said during an award ceremony on Saturday, April 2, in Los Angeles, according to footage from Entertainment Weekly.

“He said yes. I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “Thanks to @glaad and @tiffanyandco for making this magical.”

The 42-year-old Superstore graduate, for his part, tearfully said yes before announcing via Instagram that his new bride “belongs to my heart forever.”

The couple first confirmed their relationship in June 2018 via Twitter, where Smith wrote: “I think everyone knows about my hot little 25-year-old boyfriend now. Oh, haaaaa @nicosantos.”

Santos teased back: “Stop spreading lies! I’m NOT, I repeat, NOT… 25!”

The relationship between the actor of “Insanely Rich Asians” and the comedian continued to warm up social networks for many years.

“I fell in love! About three years ago, at the GLAAD Awards ceremony, I met my boyfriend, actor Nico Santos,” Smith told EW in March 2021. he comes and replaces the equipment that was in order during the inspections!”

Before the duo met, Smith made headlines after he was declared transgender during an episode of Survivor: Game Changers in April 2017.

“We have never seen a transgender story reacted with such overwhelming outrage towards the offender and sympathy for the offended,” Smith wrote in a column for The Hollywood Reporter after his exclusion from the CBS competition, noting his optimism about the future. “Usually transgender victims of crimes that are much worse than what I experienced are ridiculed, and the perpetrators go unpunished.”

He continued: “I can’t fully explain the reaction, but I am grateful and humbled. I am optimistic that this moment — both the example set by Survivor and the reaction of the Episode — will serve as a model of how transgender people will treat the media in the future.” To the trans person who will be next in the spotlight, I hope you get it as well as I do. To the person after, I hope, you will meet complete indifference.