Superman’s Replacement in the Justice League Has the Dark Opposite of His Powers


While the new Superman, John Kent, is currently struggling to form his own Justice League during the DC Dark Crisis event, Batman had more success creating his own a few years ago. In the 2002 Obsidian Age story arc (creators Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke), the original members of the Justice League searched for Aquaman, who found himself lost deep in the content of time itself, once transported to ancient times. Their search revealed that the JLA themselves went back in time.

If it wasn’t for Batman’s activated contingency plan, there wouldn’t be a Justice League in the modern world. Fortunately, he had such a plan, which takes effect a month after the disappearance of the original team. According to his plan, drones were sent around the world to choose the perfect heroes worthy of coming together to form a brand new Justice League. This line-up includes Nightwing, Faith, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Jason Blood and Major Disaster.

For those who are not familiar with this surname, Major Disaster is a meta—human capable of creating natural disasters. On paper, it might be an odd choice for someone to join the Justice League, especially when it reads like the exact opposite of a typical member like Superman. Major Disaster’s entire existence is based on causing disasters, while Superman exists to stop disasters. However, although both are completely different, one remains as useful to the Justice League and the Protection of the Planet as the other.

Major Disaster creates catastrophes, yes, but it does so constructively, capable of surprisingly calming a chaotic situation rather than exacerbating it. He brags not only about why he was chosen to join the team, but also about why he is a good fit for the Justice League in Superman’s place as its new driving force.

Replacing Superman with someone like Major Disaster, the arch creates a surprisingly touching subtext and message. This message is that no matter what someone’s forces should be, a lot can be achieved if they share the mission to protect the planet. It doesn’t really matter what you do — it’s important to find a way to use what you can do to help others. Regardless of whether someone is able to stop big disasters like Superman, or literally cause them, as a Major disaster does, they are members of the Justice League and are thus able to save lives in the best way that they, respectively, are able to.