Superman’s New “Flashpoint” Mission Makes Him Even More Deadly


Warning! Spoilers for Flashpoint Beyond # 3 from DC Comics

While Superman Flashpoint and the main version of the hero in the DC universe have similar origins, the former had a much deadlier mission when he arrived on Earth from his father Jor-El. In Flashpoint Beyond #3 from DC Comics, it turns out that Subject One was sent to Earth so he could destroy her people and create a new version of Krypton. Fortunately, Flashpoint Superman did not fulfill his father’s serious request.

Like Batman, Superman’s counterpart Flashpoint is a much deadlier take on the mainstream version of DC comics heroes. However, Kal-El didn’t have much choice, as he became a super soldier of the government after his rocket crashed in Metropolis, not in a small town in Kansas, and killed more than 35,000 people. Flashpoint Superman, also known as Subject One, grew up in a lab and lived a life he never wanted as part of the Superman Project. Now DC Comics is revealing that Superman Flashpoint’s origins and mission on Earth were much darker than anyone could have imagined.

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In Flashpoint Beyond #3, Jeff Jones, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan, Xermanico, Mikel Giannina, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Geordie Bellera from DC Comics, Thomas Wayne’s Batman is confronted by Subject One, who knocks out the Dark Knight. Flashpoint Batman wakes up in “Oasis,” a hideout created by Jason Woodrow’s Swamp Thing to house all those in the DC universe who didn’t have a home, including Superman. Poison Ivy and Subject One use the crystals to show Jor-El’s last message to Superman in his rocket, as his father tells them that he was assigned to Earth and the other Kryptonian children were sent to other worlds. Jor-El’s message informs Superman that his mission is to use his powers to disarm humans before his race arrives, saying they will conquer the planet, “father and son. Together.”

An unsolved thread will remain in a few days, as Jor-El’s forces will soon attack the planet during an alien invasion. Superman and Poison Ivy show that they need Batman’s help in gathering heroes for their army, mentioning Bloodline, Cyborg, Element Woman, Starman, Eclipsa and Snapper Carr. However, Batman refuses, leaving the Oasis, despite the news that Jor-El is going to enslave the planet.

The Kryptonians in the Ignition Point universe had much more deadly intentions than their Earth-0 counterparts. Sending children through space to conquer worlds is an ominous business. The Ignition Point universe was lucky that Superman decided to reveal the message and work together with the superpowered people of his new planet to fight against the impending invasion. Otherwise, Jor-El’s plan to conquer the Earth by Superman Flashpoint would be something they would never have seen.