Superman’s marriage was saved thanks to one of his villains


The wackiest of all Superman’s scammers may have done him a huge favor. Mr. Mksizptlk’s interdimensional nuisance helped Clark Kent and Lois Lane reunite in a way only he could.

Of all the villains in Superman’s rogue gallery, Mr. Mksizptlk must be the strangest. As a resident of the fifth dimension, Mksizptlk has abilities far superior to those of any person in the third dimension. But the omnipotent imp does not seek to conquer the world or anything like that. Mxyzptlk is just looking for entertainment by playing with lower life forms. His favorite person for the prank is Superman, whom Mksizptlk actually considers a worthy opponent. Unlike all other life forms that the joker challenged, Superman could always put an end to the games by forcing Mxyzptlk to reveal his name backwards, sending the villain back to his home dimension.

But despite all the problems he caused Superman, Mxyzptlk was actually trying to help his longtime rival when it seemed like Clark and Lois had broken up forever. In “Superman: Man of Steel #56” by Louise Simonson and John Bogdanov, Clark realized that his extra-dimensional tormentor was causing problems again. But Superman’s greatest villain is actually here to “help” people by fulfilling their wishes, although it seems to do more harm than good. While Superman is taking care of Mxyzptlk’s latest fun, the imp discovers that Lois has returned Clarkhis wedding ring. Unwilling to accept that the couple might break up, Mxyzptlk tries all kinds of magic to convince Lois to take Clark back, but nothing seems to work. However, as soon as Superman uses his desire to send Mksizptlk back to the fifth dimension, Clark and Lois decide to finally sit down and discuss their problems.

Despite the fact that he is traditionally a villain, Mr. Mksizptlk sincerely wanted to help Superman and Lois. Although his approach was as annoying as his usual adventures with the Man of Steel, Mksizptlk took this mission seriously, as if the whole world had ceased to exist without the love of Clark and Lois. Sure, the couple may have eventually found their way to each other, but Mr. Mksizptlk gave them the kick in the ass they needed to move forward.

The relationship between Clark and Lois is one of the oldest comic book love stories. From courtship to revealing his identity and eventually marriage, Superman and Lois Lane’s romance has gone through many stages, including a few rough patches. And no matter how much he likes to besiege the Man of Steel, Mxyzptlk is not heartless and does not want his opponent to suffer. Mxyzptlk realized that Superman is no longer the same without Lois, and that if he wants to continue having fun, he needs to do everything possible to get the couple back on track. Of course, even the most powerful being can’t make you love, but he forced Lois and Clark to talk about their feelings, putting them on the path to revive their relationship. Superman’s Mxyzptlk may be a villain, but that didn’t stop him from trying to play cupid when someone had to.